Give thanks in all circumstances . . . actually warfare and brings breakthrough. It takes faith to give thanks in a difficult situation. King Jehoshaphat gives an amazing example as he faced a great multitude that came to war against him and all Judah (Israel) in 2 Chronicles 20. When he went to battle he didn't send the mightiest warriors to the front battle line...he sent the worshipers!

"And he (Jehoshephat)...appointed those who were to sing to the LORD and praise him in holy attire, as they went before the army and say, 'Give thanks to the LORD for his steadfast love endures forever'. And when they began to sing and praise, the LORD set an ambush they (the enemy) were routed." 2 Chron. 20:21-22

It's easy to fear, complain, argue, have a pity party, and hold onto bitterness when things are not going our way...but rather in FAITH we should give thanks and God will do the rest.

Recently, I thought I lost my phone-- I put this "thanksgiving" to the test...and gave thanks...and surly my phone turned up. On our flight back to Nepal our babies were crying and we had a sleepless night and if I didn't renew my mind I would have felt like going crazy but I gave thanks all night and the next day was so amazing and blessed, I was very sick last night... and gave thanks and woke up feeling so much better. So whatever you are going through...first things to GIVE THANKS!

We are BACK to NEPAL after spending a week in Dubai and 3 weeks in America

Prayer Request:

We are praying to upgrade to a 7 seater car that we can travel around Nepal to teach and disciple the youth at various churches and places. We often have 2-3 other people traveling with us and see this car as an asset to our ministry. Roads here are often unpaved especially in the villages so we need a car that can handle the rough terrain. 

We would need $15,000 to buy a used 4 wheel drive SUV. 

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What's been going on this past America

We were in America for 3 weeks celebrating my youngest sister's wedding! Congratulations to Rakesh and Krista!!! 

Tentative Schedule

July 27 -        Working on recording a new song
July 28 -        Michael leads worship
July 29-30-    4 hours drive to Michaels village to work on Emeth's Nepali visa
July 31 -        Drive another four hours to Pokhara
August 1-      Teach at a Discipleship School
August 2-      Meet with Mercy Children's Home in Pokhara
August 2/3-   Drive back to Kathmandu
August 4-      Celebrate Shiyrah's birthday!
August 6-8-   MOVE! Our house owner offered to let us switch apartments as hers is twice as big. It will be nice to have two bedrooms instead of just one!
August 12      Visit children's homes
August 13-15 Seminary Class
August 17-24 Work on recording a new song/ begin planning our fall schedule for training and discipleship/   visit children's home, work on administration.
August 25      Teach at church
Sept 1-3         Seminary Class

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We support 6 different Children Home's every month in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Please help us make a difference in the lives of these children. 


  • Michael is recording some new songs. Pray that it touches the church and youth of Nepal. 
  • Safe travels to Gorkha and Pokhara
  • Pray that our guest house will have business. Dwelling Place Guest House
  • Effective training in Pokhara
  • Continued support for 6 children's homes. 

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