Robert and Sheikha’s Dream

Robert and Sheikha live in Dhaka, Bangladesh amongst the Bihari refugees who were left in there (previously known as East Pakistan) after Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan. Their ministry has been to minister to the Bihari children who live in the refugee slums. They teach bible lessons and provide food and other necessities to these children who live in a home with one small room and their family of often 15. Some of these children are forced to survive on their own on the streets, stealing food and being forced to become “grown-ups” when they are barely old enough to attend school. We were told heartbreaking stories of neglect, abuse, disease, and broken families.

Eight years ago God told Robert and Sheikha to start a children’s home to care for Bihari children from the slum. Since then the vision has come to reality as they have taken in five Bihari boys. I believe they will change the lives of not only these boys but many others as they share the love of Christ. 

If you feel the Lord burdening your heart to support this dream and these children click make a donation today. $30 a month will help support food, clothing and education for one child. 


Click on the photo to meet the children !