About Lighthouse Children’s Home

Lighthouse Children’s Home is a Christian, faith-based home, dedicated to transforming the lives of children. In 2014 Nyzil and his wife, Shweta stepped out in faith and brought six young children and six young girls between the ages of 13 and 17 into their home in S.E. Asia.

Experiencing firsthand what it is like to grow up without a mother, Shweta had a dream to help other’s like herself.

“When I was six years old my mom passed away. I had to take care of my younger sisters and brother. I had many struggles and problems. My Father drove a rickshaw. He would earn sometimes a dollar a day. All the responsibility at home fell on my shoulders. I realized how it is when there is no mother. When I was around sixteen I realized that I needed to do something for these young children who beg on the street and have no food and no family. I eventually shared my vision and desire to help children with my husband. He also had the same desire and said that we would open a children’s home in God’s timing.”

February 2014 Nyzil and Shweta did just that! The Lord opened the door to start Lighthouse Children’s Home. They brought six young children into their home who had been beggars at the train station. Shortly after they added six more young girls who were at risk to sex trafficking. They have faced many challenges but have also received many blessings as they put their hand to the plow and toil for what truly counts. Pray for them as they journey this path of loving the least of these.


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